The use of black and red has
given a new dimension to space

Complete change


Titan Experts designed from scratch the offices of HF Markets, the leader in Forex Companies. Check out our project.

Eliminate the unwanted noise


Our solutions will transform your office space and facilitate teamwork, improving your comfort.

Our wide range of acoustic products
will answer every need


Our Titan Experts research your working space, aiming for maximizing efficiency and productivity and prepare an office space that will answer your every need.

Office Planning

There are many types of office spaces, from open office space to desk sharing. How do you know what to choose? We are here for you.

Interior Design

Our experienced Interior Designers will select the appropriate furniture, design the office you dream and be by your side every step of the way.

Project Management

After the design stage is done, our Project Managers will oversee the delivery of the ordered furniture on time and ensure that the project will remain on budget.

Partitioning & Acoustics

A study of unwanted noises will be conducted in order to find the sources and the suitable partitions and acoustic products will be suggested to eliminate them.


Our wide range of office furniture can be customized with different finishes, sizes, and types of material according to your needs.

Aftersales Support

With a fully manned technical support team covering the whole of Cyprus, we can offer unsurpassed customer service both in terms of speed and efficiency.

Titan Guarantee

Titan Office has over 30 years of experience, supplying exclusive office furniture and representing global reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Adapt and


Your Office is your first and most important asset. Change it and feel the difference.

Picture it

Visit our Design Center and see our wide range of furniture and other accessories.


Executive Desks

customized desks


Desks of all
sizes and forms


Unique & Stylish
welcome desks

Conference Tables

Gather the team
and brainstorm

Executive Chairs

Large collection
of chairs

Classic Chairs

Wide variety of
office chairs

Sound Absorption

All the latest


For schools and

Dreams start at the

Design Center

Come and meet with our Titan Experts to plan your office space, select your furniture and maximize the efficiency of your space.

Where the magic

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